January 21st - 22nd, Toronto

The Weekend

You will have 24 hours to bring your idea to life. You will be given access to some of the top mentors in the area of entrepreneurship, business, and technology. You will be surrounded by some of the brightest young minds in the country. Together, you will compete to see who comes up with the most innovative idea to address the big problems Muslims face today.

This year, we are looking for around 50 individuals to join us. Contestants will be able to work in teams of up to 5 people. At the end of the 24 hours, each team will have the chance to present in hopes of winning prizes totalling over $3000.

We are looking for participants who are young at heart (there is no age restrictions), and come from a variety of educational backgrounds (engineering, business, science, social sciences, design, entrepreneurship, etc). You don't need to have completed school to attend. The best teams are the ones that can build a prototype of your product or prove that you will be able to make your product a reality.


Build startups for Muslims

January 21st - 22nd, 2017

50+ competitors

$3000+ in prizes

Free food and snacks


You can come watch the presentations at the Innovation Weekend by registering here!



9:00 am Registration/Breakfast

9:45 am Opening Ceremonies

10:30 am Team Formation Begins

11:00 am Team Begin Working

12:29 pm Salaat

1:00 pm Lunch

5:14 pm Salaat

7:00 pm Dinner

9:00 pm Everyone Departs


9:00 am Sign in, Breakfast

10:50 am Devpost Submissions Due

11:00 am Final Presentations Begin

12:29 pm Salaat

12:45 pm Final Presentations Continue

1:30 pm Lunch

2:15 pm Closing Ceremonies

Our Judges

Ali Asaria

Robleh Jama

Naeema Farooqi

Riz Ahmad

Hussein Fazal

Our Story

There are about 1 million Muslims in Canada and about 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. By 2031 the population of Muslims in Canada is expected to triple. Muslims represent one of the largest potential target audiences for consumer products.

ILM (Innovate, Lead, Mobilize) is an organization dedicated to fostering growth in companies and products which cater to Muslim needs. We believe we can inspire people today to build great products for Muslims. Every year, we bring entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, designers, business strategists, and students together for a weekend to build solutions that serve Muslim needs. There is definitely a market for Muslims; let's try to meet the demands of this growing and flourishing population.


Launch Partners

This event would not be possible without the support of the numerous individual sponsors. A special thanks to:

  • Rizwan Khalfan
  • Moe Ladha
  • Muhammad Munshi


Do I need to be Muslim?

  • No, ILM is an organization that values inclusivity and invites the greater community to come together to collaborate and build solutions for Muslims.

Do I need a team to join?

  • Participants are encouraged to join in a team of three to five, but are not required to do so. If you are unable to form a team, there will be a place dedicated to team formation during the event itself.

Do I need to be a programmer or a student to attend?

  • No. This event is open to people of all ages and disciplines. You only need ideas to be able to come to this event. However, the best teams will be the ones that not only have the best idea, but also have the ability to make the idea a reality.

Can I start working on an idea right now?

  • In order to maintain fairness, participants are required to begin working on their project after the launch of the event. However, you are free to brainstorm ideas and come prepared to execute on them during the event!

Will food and drinks be provided?

  • Yes, food and drinks will be provided. A schedule, including meals that will be provided, will be released shortly.

How much does the event cost?

  • The event is 100% free thanks to our generous sponsors.

Are there prizes?

  • Yes, there will be prizes totally over $3000 in value. Our organization encourages the winning teams to use the prize to help make their idea a reality.

How does a team win a prize?

  • Teams will be judged by select individuals who are experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders. Each team will have the opportunity to present to win the prizes.

What are the judges looking for?

  • Judges will be looking for the team that not only presents a good idea, but also has displayed the ability to make the idea a reality. A prototype of the product is not required, but is highly encouraged. A good idea will be judged based on how well it addresses a need or problem for Muslims, how much impact it can have on the lives of Muslims, and how feasible the idea is.

Does the idea need to be a new tech product?

  • No. Any idea that could form a business or non-profit is allowed, as long as it is addressing the needs of Muslims. The idea could be a new technology, a non-profit that serves Muslims and fills a void in our community, or a new business. Teams are encouraged to either build a prototype or show how they can make the product a reality.

Will accommodations be provided by ILM?

  • We do not have accommodations planned for participants. If you have a special request or need accommodation, do not hesitate to reach out to us by email to see if we can help.

What if this FAQ didn't answer my questions?

  • Please email us if you're in any way confused or concerned! We'd love to help you out :)

Contact us

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